The spring immunity: olive oil

The spring immunity: olive oil

Q: the acidity of olive oil is the lower the better?

A: the acidity is the percentage of free fatty acids in 100 grams of fat. Olive oil standard, extra virgen between 0.3 0.8, generally the lower the acidity is, the better, the acidity is too high, easy to oxidation. But is too low, combination of peroxide value and uv absorption, is suspected, or is not cold squeeze, refined olive oil is the artificial intervention, of course, no nutritional value. All through this list you can see on the right, “refined olive oil is the olive oil and other oil (such as palm oil, etc.) mediate and be become. So, according to the acidity is less than 0.3. And the true extra virgin olive oil acidity annotation is less than 0.8.

Q) : recently a customer asked about mina olive oil production date problems, why some bottle label production date for August?

A: because of the need to guarantee the quality of the oil, olive fruit picked during October – November, half of the fruit oil pressure in the 4 hours at the time, but the other half of the fruit will be stored in an airtight barrels, with nitrogen preservation in order to assure nutrition, until the time of the year to do it into oil, so that to press several times to guarantee the quality of the oil, or the end of the customer to buy the first batch of oil of shelf life. Italian experts dedicated to Beijing on olive oil, Italian experts giorgio said, their preservation technology can guarantee the quality of the oil and nutrients are the same, please rest assured consumers.

Q: why didn’t the bottle of olive oil is filled with? There is a empty?

A: this is to ensure that the olive oil is not lost nutrients, especially polyphenols, so special in preserved part of nitrogen gas bottle, make sure that the nutrient loss. So, please as soon as possible after open a bottle of use. This is why high quality extra virgin olive oil general capacity is not particularly big.

Everyone in the choose and buy high quality olive oil, pay attention to three points:

First, to smell, to have the fragrance of fresh fruits and vegetables or grass, it must be a fresh smell.

Second, packing: must be a dark glass bottles, because the inside of the olive oil nutrients see light is easy to oxidation.

Third, product: they must be a little bitter and spicy flavor, because of two important nutrients in olive oil: polyphenols and anthocyanins, polyphenol content, it is the most around October, Mr Shi le recommended a few olive oil is the harvest, so rich in polyphenols, the taste of polyphenols is with a bitter taste. Ancient Greek pronunciation is “bitter” and the “pharmacy” pronunciation is the same, that is to say, nutrition, tend to be with a bitter taste. “anthocyanin” is a slightly spicy. This is the high quality olive oil is often have a “bitter” and “hot”)

Fourth, wipe: rub olive oil respectively on two hand, top virgin olive oil will quickly absorb. And there is no greasy feeling.